Laser-Cut Box Loom

This box loom is designed for use with a rigid heddle or for card weaving. It can be used on a table or on your lap, and the work can be dropped at a moment’s notice when something else (kids, pets, etc.) requires attention right now.

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Software Engineer Hacks a Knitting Machine to Create Massive Stellar Map

By hacking a domestic knitting machine, a software engineer advanced modern knitting and made a massive equatorial star map in tapestry form.

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Master paint-maker David Coles shares the stories behind popular pigments

The history of colour has stories to thrill in every hue — from lead white through Indian yellow and from mummy’s brown to bone black — from toxic pigments that killed thousands in their making, to paints that act as miniature black holes, the stories of the world’s most popular pigments go far beyond our wildest imagination.

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Tyrian Purple: The disgusting origins of the colour purple

Purple is a paradox, a contradiction of a colour. Associated since antiquity with regality, luxuriance, and the loftiness of intellectual and spiritual ideals, purple was, for many millennia, chiefly distilled from a dehydrated mucous gland of molluscs that lies just behind the rectum: the bottom of the bottom-feeders. That insalubrious process, undertaken since at least the 16th Century BC (and perhaps first in Phoenicia, a name that means, literally, ‘purple land’), was notoriously malodorous and required an impervious sniffer and a strong stomach. Though purple may have symbolised a higher order, it reeked of a lower ordure.

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It’s HAPPENING with the Guild

The Guild is having a rare night out on the town at THE HAPPENSTORE to introduce spinning and weaving to anyone interested and give our members a chance to socialise in an inspiring setting in the heart of Sydney. Bring along a project, questions, a fibre friend, or just yourself.  We have organised wheels, spindles, carders and fibres for the evening. Cost is only $10 at the door.

THE HAPPENSTORE is a beautiful, creative space right on Parramatta Rd. If you haven’t visited this location, you are in for a great surprise to find something so fabulous at your back door! The evening will be a lovely social event for all.

Please forward this email to others who might be interested. Better still, bring them along!  We look forward to seeing you soon.

When: Thursday 10 May 2018, 6-9pm
Where: THE HAPPENSTORE, 55 Parramatta Rd, Annandale NSW 2038
Cost: $10 at the door to help cover cost of venue.
Bring: For those new to our craft, come and play. We will have wheels, spindles, carders, looms for your hands on sensory pleasure. Feel free to bring a project you have a question about or just your questions. If members would like to bring a nibbly platter or bottle of wine, it would be much appreciated, but no obligation.

Margie Statheos Interview

This is an interview with Margie Statheos, president, Hand Weavers and Spinners Guild of NSW. 2RDJ interviewed Margie during our 70th anniversary year. Karen Severn, a long time member of the Guild, is also in the interview.

Wool spinner Marion Wheatland runs novel pet hair business

Ever wondered what to do with all that hair your pet sheds?

You could give it to Boronia wool spinner Marion Wheatland.

She has been a wool spinner since the early 1990s and even took her craft to Antarctica.

She teaches wool spinning through her business, Fancy Spinning a Yarn.

When one of her clients asked for her poodle’s fur to be turned into a vest, Ms Wheatland knew she was on to something.

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Silkworms Can Spin Electricity-Conducting Silk

Scientists fed graphine to silkworms and now they can spin silk that conducts electricity.

What a time to be alive.

Silk is already well known for its strength, but scientists want to see how far they can take it.

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Guild Rare Breed Project: Ryeland

By Dace Vare

The Ryeland fleece for the Guild’s Rare Breed Spinning Project to celebrate our 70th anniversary was obtained from Marylyn and Des Stevens at Hallylulya, who have been breeding Ryeland sheep since 1955. In fact, when they got married, Marylyn brought her Ryeland sheep with her, which was the start of their flock. The initial reaction of the packers when we started parcelling up the Ryeland fleece was a bit erky perky. Do not despair! Just wash it and you will have a lovely white, bouncy fibre. Read More

AuNZTapestry Challenge 2017 Announced

The AuNZ Tapestry Group has announced its 2017 challenge for Australia and New Zealand weavers. The subject is “The Elements – Earth, Fire, Air, Water.” Choose any one or more of the elements.  The entry must be only one tapestry woven during 2016/17.  It can be done in any style you like e.g. abstract to realistic. The woven piece maximum size is 20cm x 20cm. The weaving is due 28 Feb 2017.

Tapestries will be exhibited in New Zealand and Australia. Contact Marie Clews for an entry form, requirements and further information. Entrants to the 2016 challenge will receive a copy of the 2017 entry form with their returned tapestry.