Double Weave Study Group

The double weave study group of Complex Weavers (CWDW) is entirely on line as a Yahoo Group. A cyber study group in the truest sense with members from all over the USA, Canada, Australia, Netherlands, Israel, UK, and Spain. It is open to all CW members with an interest in double weave, beginner to advanced and everything in between, without restrictions and for nominal annual dues of $5. That said, Yahoo limits photos to 30MB and as we have nine different projects running concurrently, 30MB is just not enough.
So… with the enormous help of Sally Breckenridge of WeaveIt and Ingrid Boesel (group guru) of Fiberworks PCW we have created our own website under our own domain. Welcome to though you can’t get in until you’re a member!
With the size of the new site we can open our doors to as many new members as are interested. For information please send me an email — via Margaret Coe (WeaveTech Mailing List)

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