Super Scotchguard

Scientists have developed an invisible coating that will waterproof almost anything including mobile phones.
The revolutionary nanometre-thick coating was first researched to protect soldiers’ suits against chemical and biological warfare agents by Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) at Porton Down and the University of Durham.

The new invention, which is three times more water repellent than Teflon, could radically change sportswear, clothing, mobile phones and medical devices. Apart from its military uses Dstl is now trying to capture the civilian market as it launches a joint venture with industry.
Dstl and investment fund Circus Capital Technology have united to create a new company called P2i Limited based at Porton Down, which will make and market the coating.
The coating is an invisible ultra-thin polymer coating where water beads up on a surface like mercury, protecting the material or device it has been applied to. It has very low surface energy of only one third that of Teflon — via The Scotsman

4 Responses to Super Scotchguard

  1. firestorm says:

    so now that you’ve made me aware of super scotchguard
    can you forward me there contact info???

  2. Dannielle Tregeagle says:

    Is this available in Australia, if so where?

  3. Rod Atkins says:

    I am also interested in this product, does it come in larger quantities and is it available in Australia, I want to protect a new caravan

  4. Barry says:

    I too would like to know if this product is available at retail level and if so where. Thanks.