Library Report

The borrowing fee has been dropped back to 20 cents per book per month. We hope this encourages more members to take advantage of our library. The sting in the tail (tale) is that overdue fees will be $1 per book per month to encourage you to come back and borrow more books or to let the librarian know that you want to extend your loan period another month.

New in the library this month:
The Coverlet Book by Helene Bress. This is not just a book — it is two books in a sturdy box chock-a-block full of information about woven bed covers. It does not just deal with overshot coverlets but includes many including twill blocks and jacquard woven coverlets. There are thousands of photographs, a draft for every weave and a CD. I know that this book has been many years in the making because Helene is a member of the same guild I belong to in Washington DC. She is a sweet, quiet woman but her mind holds and seeks details like no one else I have met. She gave us a talk about her research 12 years ago and it seemed to me that she already had more than enough for a book then. And it has proven to be just so as she has written two books. Her husband is a publisher of small run art books.
Helene kindly wrote a dedication to Myree Whichello on the title page for us as the committee decided that this book would be an appropriate memorial to Myree.
Information for Country Members:
We are in the process of putting the library catalogue onto a database. When we have done that we will be able to provide a disc with our catalogue for members. We may also put the catalogue on line but have to work out the security aspects of that. In any case, country members can always ring or write to the librarian to ask if we have a particular book or magazine. The librarian is also willing to find references to a particular subject for you. We will mail books to you if you undertake to mail them back to us at the end of the loan period together with a cheque, money order or stamps to the value of what we paid to mail the book/s to you.

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