Pluckyfluff’s Handspun Revolution

Handspun Revolution takes a new look at an old craft. It presents handspinning as a highly creative, artistic endeavour.
Handspun Revolution is a simply written how-to book for very unusual handspun yarns. Addressing a growing movement of cutting edge spinners, this book discusses the role of creative thinking in the craft of handspinning. This book is purpousfully spartan. Volumes have already been written on the nuts and bolts of spinning. Handspun Revolution covers only the very essential topics of spinning, and these are discussed frankly, casually and often in the format of tips and notes. The driving message of the book is the liberation of ones preconceived notions of what a yarn is. It tries to teach the reader to break the rules they’ve learned and push their own personal boundaries in spinning. Seventeen original, never before published techniques are covered with easy instructions and beautiful color pictures.
Price is US$48, including postage to Australia.
Handspun RevolutionPluckyfluff (via knitting in public)

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