Anne Miller

It is with great pleasure today, that I wish to present Anne Miller with the Life Membership Award of the Hand Weavers and Spinners Guild of NSW. Before asking her to accept it I would like to outline her involvement and contribution to the Guild since she first joined. Anne became a member in 1978 — some 27 years ago and has maintained her membership throughout that time.

She joined when her boys were old enough for her to have some time for herself! Her special interests over that time have included weaving, tapestry weaving and basket weaving. She studied at Strathfield TAFE in the Spinning and Weaving Course in the 80’s extending possibly to the early 90’s. At that same time (I think) she established Magnolia Books specialising fibre and textiles titles. Her support of the Guild and country groups as a
trader at Loomcrafts, Fibre Weekends/Festivals and Market Days has been of great value to the Guild and its members.
In addition to that she undertook a variety of positions on the Guild Committee — in 1991 she held the positions of Treasurer and Vice President in 1992 she served a second year as Treasurer in the four years from 1995 to 1998 she returned to the Committee as Committee Minute Secretary in 1998 she also became the Journal Editor and has maintained that position over 6 years ’til her resignation. Her personal contribution in all these positions has been marked by her quiet personal generosity of time, her reliability, her extensive fibre knowledge and her sound commonsense.
Beyond the Guild she has exhibited overseas, her work being selected for hanging in the Small Tapestry Exhibition at HGA Convergence 1996 and at other times. She was also instrumental in co-initiating the textile exhibitions in Balmain, which over the years have developed into the Annual Exhibitions of the Intertwining Group.
Anne, congratulations on your achievements, your generous sharing of knowledge, your willingness to work for the Guild and your extensive contribution to the world of fibre. It is with great pleasure that I ask you to accept Life Membership of the Hand Weavers and Spinners Guild of NSW.

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