Veronica Calianco: Ashfield Council’s Artist in residence

The February guest speaker was Veronica Calianco, Ashfield Council’s Artist in residence.

Thank you for having me. How did I get from the Kimberleys to Ashfield?
I completed a fine arts degree in the 1990s. I began work as a graphic designer. Presently I am travelling and working in the Kimberleys. I have travelled to Japan, France, China and Turkey. I met Natalie in Turkey when she came to my exhibition.

Whilst teaching my printing and weaving I worked in the Language Centre where I helped to record 30 indigenous languages. I have worked with disabled people in Alice Springs. In Broome, I helped set up an Arts Centre. I teach in indigenous communities as well.
Ashfield Council pays an artist in residence $200 per week. After my exhibition I will return to the Kimberleys at the end of March. At the moment, I give free workshops twice a week where people do fabric printing, learn to separately paint warps and wefts and weave the yarns to produce unique works of art. I have had special pick up tools made to make my supplementary weft weaving easier.
Then Veronica showed samples of her work which took many, many hours to weave.
Once I have stayed in a community, I like to make some social comment about it in my weaving. Quite possibly I will comment on theoverdevelopment of Ashfield.
I do not know my future direction. My partner and I will visit Wales. We will return to Australia some time this year. I have also been invited to Norway.
Sue and Anthea went to the Art and Craft Day at Ashfield Town Hall and saw the work of her students. Their individual prints were very different and well executed. Veronica also exhibited one of her painting/prints.

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