Jane Goodes: Wrap with Love

The September guest speaker was Jane Goodes from Wrap with Love.

Jane is a volunteer working for Wrap with Love. This organisation was started in late 1992 by Sonia Gidley-King OAM who was recuperating from breast cancer surgery and saw a TV program about people in Africa who had no blankets. She started knitting squares and joining them in to rugs. Over the years it has grown to 25,000 volunteers all over Australia making rugs which are then distributed through a network of aid agencies to 75 countries including Australia. Every year the ABC breakfast show hosts a knit-in with all the NSW regional stations taking part.

Jane and another volunteer brought along some beautiful examples to show us, some crocheted, one made from squares cut from an op-shop machine knitted jumper. They also had some small and large squares and odd shapes which would be difficult to fit into a blanket and would have to be undone and redone. One fun wrap was made using fringed and furry yarns plus appliquéd faces, figures and flowers.
Each wrap takes 150 hours to make, can be crocheted, knitted or quilted. The yarn can be 8 ply or any mix of finer yarns to make that weight. Spotlight recently donated $5,000 of wool and the Mongolian Embassy donated $1,000. They receive other donations of yarns and money which go into making wraps. Prue had recently put together some rugs using what they call “feral” squares which are made from assorted colours and are sent in by knitters all over NSW. Each wrap now has a label which says Wrap with love from Australia.

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