Continuing Threads, 60th Anniversary Exhibition 2007

We are starting to plan for Continuing Threads, our 60th Anniversary Exhibition. The proposed space will be less than half the size we had in 1997 but we hope that all members will make something. We will also have space for sale items.
If you have a skill we can use or you would like to learn we want to hear from you as it takes many heads and hands to put it all together.
We expect a wide variety of woven, spun, felted and braided items that will demonstrate our expertise to visitors to the Exhibition Hall, Darling Harbour.
Get busy with your items
Exhibited items must have been made within the last two years.
Up to 3 items per member/Network Group for exhibition, up to 10 items for sale with more in storage to restock those sold. An item can have many parts eg a spectrum of hand dyed skeins of silk for embroidery rather than just one skein for sale, or a set of placemats for exhibition.
Members who submit items for sale will be encouraged to spend time on the sales table during the exhibiton.
Entry forms are due in May 2007. Refer to coming issues of the Guild News for more details.
Items must be delivered to the Guild Rooms by 7 June 2007. Due to the limited space available a selection may be made by the exhibition committee to ensure that the very highest standard of work will be exhibited.
There will be a vote for the most popular exhibit.
2007 Continuing Threads Exhibition Guidelines, Entry Form and Sales Form

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