Fashion with a Conscience

It was not just another show. It spoke of Bibi’s tryst with the magical thread. Shobha De in a cream and gold khadi sari, again Bibi’s weave, told the audience what Bibi was made up of, Bibi ruled as a model in Paris but she came back to Bangladesh to give the weavers a life of dignity. Bibi does not belong to Bangladesh, Africa or Rajasthan, she is a global citizen.
For Bibi, fashion has a conscience. She makes sure her weavers get their recognition and a sustainable income. She made sure that, in one evening, the rustle of silks and the whisper of chiffons was blown away by the khatak of Khadi. Bibi made Kota Doria go contemporary and Khadi go trendy. Not surprisingly 45,000 weavers in Bangladesh have escaped the web of poverty.
Fashion with a conscienceThe Hindu

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