Certificate of Competence in Handspinning

The information day at the Guild on Sunday, 4 February was very well attended with some people travelling quite a long distance. Some came to check on their spinning standards, others to take advantage of the chance to have questions answered and listen to other people’s questions, as well as those seeking to find out just what was involved in this independent course of study in hand spinning.

Time was available to look through the workbooks made available by people who have completed Part A and Part B. A number of people registered on the day. Another outcome was the sharing of email addresses between those interested and the suggestion of the creation of an Internet contact group.
The booklet setting out the Certificate of Competence in Handspinnging Part A and Part B – An Independent Course of Study in Handspinning is available from the Guild for $15. This can be useful to spinning groups and individuals looking for graded spinning tasks as well as those wishing to undertake and complete the course in their own time.
Those wishing to complete the course (one part at a time) and have their work assessed for the Certificate need to register using the form in the book by sending the completed form and $15 registration fee to the Guild prior to 31 May. Current Guild membership is required. Registration in May 2007 (or before) entitles you to two years till 31 May 2009 (or before, if you wish) to complete your work for assessment.
Current assessment fees are:
Part A: $70
Part B: $75.
Enquiries to the Registrar, Certificates of Competence in Handspinning Part A and Part B at the Guild.
NOTE – Those who have already completed Part A and are registered for Part B are reminded that if both alpaca and mohair sections were not studied and assessed in your Part A, it will be necessary to present the missed fibre tasks for assessment with the rest of your Part B.

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