Continuing Threads, 60th Anniversary Exhibition 2007, April Update

Only seven weeks to go until the closing date for your entries in the exhibition.
For those of you who would like to send your work on to the Bendigo Show, if you let me know in advance I can plan for those items to be available for collection on Sunday.

Thank you to those members who have already offered to assist. We will need more people, especially those who are able to be there during the week to talk to people and keep an eye on the exhibits.
At this stage all we can do is plan what we would like to do and then scale it up or down to suit the size of the space we are given. Past history suggests that we may have to wait until the last minute before we know. If possible we will have
demonstrations of most aspects of our craft so if that appeals to you, fill in the form.
I have a group booking form from Expertise Events and can send a copy to any group planning to purchase ten or more tickets. You don’t have to all attend on the same day and once purchased, a bulk buy ticket can be used on any day. It could save you a lot of time if you don’t have to queue for tickets. Contact me or ask at the guild rooms for a copy of the form.
You need to have your name and your place of residence eg Sydney somewhere inside a garment that is for sale. Only a garment that fits the body needs a care label and this personal label attached.
We are calling this year’s display an exhibition and it is to celebrate a special anniversary. The Craft and Quilt Fair is part of a big event and we want to show the best and most exciting aspect of our craft.
Think about what might excite you if you went to an exhibition. Articles which are interesting, innovative and technically sound are what we would like show.
Lucille Ryan

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