Kumihimo Update

Kumihimo devotees can become members of the Complex Weavers Japanese Textiles Study Group. This group has an extremely diverse range of interests from social, historic, symbolic, to weaving, dyeing, and braiding techniques, to sewing and embroidery, and translation of designs to contemporary western weaving. It was founded in 2004. To become a member go to their web site: www.complex-weavers.org.

Rod Byatt now runs its listserve while an American coordinates members’ dues and mailing out of the 6-monthly Newsletter. It’s been great fun for him – the website has a bibliography of nearly 200 books, photos, links to lots of things and over 500 emails on all sorts of topics. The Newsletter reflects the specialisations of the 25 or so members: weaving drafts, spinning and weaving paper, woven shibori, etc.
The Complex Weavers Marudai Study Group has an Artwork as its Swap Exchange theme currently and the participants will have photos of their work uploaded to the braiding photo gallery at www.weavershand.com. The Marudai Study Group is 10 years’ old this year.
Rod hopes to bring a piece of kimono rag weaving (sakiori) and weaving with remaindered silk threads (zanshi) to the next Guild meeting, also the latest swaps of the Complex Weavers Takadai Study Group (also 10 years old.)
The Kumihimo Conference in Kyoto is shaping up well too, with an updated website, www.kumihimoconf.org.
Also this year’s theme for meetings of the Asian Arts Society (Sydney) Textile Study Group (second Wednesday of the month at the Powerhouse Museum) is “Symbolism”, following on from last year’s theme of Animism/Spirit World.
A blog, www.narablog.com is devoted to sarasa and other rather esoteric Japanese textiles.

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