Socks for Cancer Patients

Can Assist provides accommodation and services for cancer patients from rural NSW who require treatment in either Sydney or Wagga Wagga. They want to put a welcome pack on each bed as most people are away from their homes and family for 6 weeks or more. They thought knitted socks would be a lovely thing to include. They are seeking 50 large, 50 medium and 50 small pairs of knitted socks for patients to wear and take with them as a gift from Can Assist, after their stay at the Jean Colvin Hospital. The socks will be a lovely touch of warmth and comfort.
Let Kate know if you may be able to assist then with. Socks are to be sent to:
Kate vanderVoort, Development Manager, Can Assist
17 Ocean Ave, Double Bay NSW 2028.
Tel: 9328 7571

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