National Breast Cancer Foundation Exhibition

As we know many Australian women are affected by breast cancer. So raising funds for research to find a cure for this disease is very important. A group has decided to have an exhibition and sale for scarves, wraps and contemporary neck pieces to raise funds. The exhibition with be held at Craft ACT in Canberra in August 2008.

They ask that you make and donate a piece of work for this exhibition and sale. Your work can be in any medium but remember the work is to sell not just look at. And you can donate more than one item!
They have set up a blog, to go with the exhibition and sale and will place as many images of work to be in the exhibition as possible. This project has the support of the National Breast Cancer Foundation.
Here’s what they want you to do.

  1. say yes to a donation
  2. donate a piece of work
  3. if possible forward an image and details for the blog
  4. when mailing your work please tell them the retail price, any special instructions and what material the item is made of
  5. pass this request on to anyone you think will make some work for sale

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