Bug Repellant

Summer is coming and winter woollies will be put away in dark drawers where bugs love to lurk. The bugs eat any leftover food that hasn’t been washed off the woollies and munch the protein of the wool as well. One preventative is to get everything dry cleaned and pack them away in plastic bags. The residual carbon tetrachloride from the dry cleaner is an insecticide. But this seems like cruel and unusual punishment for your garments.

Mothballs are another solution but their ingredients are potentially carcinogenic also. Clothes stored in closed bags with mothballs should be aired before being worn again. Moth repellents can be made from herbs. For example:
In a large bowl combine the following dried herbs: 1 oz wormwood or Artemisia, 4 oz lavender flowers, 2 oz rosemary leaves, handful of cedar shavings. Then add: 30 drops of lavender oil, 5 drops of rosemary oil, 5 drops of vetiver (grass extract.) Toss the essential oils gently with dried herbs. Fill sachets or a bowl with the mixture and place in your cupboard or drawers.
The best preventative method is to kill the bugs by freezing them to death. If moths are present and have laid eggs then freeze and thaw the article three times so that ice crystals can puncture their cells. Perhaps the best place to store your most precious woollens is in the freezer (along with your diamonds.)

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