Do You Want to Expand or Consolidate Your Spinning Knowledge?

The Certificate of Competence in Hand Spinning Parts A and B are available to all members of the Guild as a self-guided study comprehensive spinning course. The course was set up by members of the Guild to maintain a standard of spinning knowledge and skills throughout the spinning community.

Parts A and B look at spinning equipment and tools, and fibre studies on a wide variety of fibres such as wool, silk, mohair, ramie and the regenerated fibres of soy silk and ingeo. In addition Part B deals with the design aspects of yarn. The Guild is also looking to offer those students who complete Parts A and B an opportunity in the future for further study with a Masters in Hand spinning, which is currently being developed.
In November we will be holding an Information Day for anyone interested in finding out more about the course. Current students are also welcome to attend to reinvigorate, ask any specific questions they might have regarding their current study, or look at past students workbooks. If you’d like any further information regarding the course or the Information Day, feel free to contact the Registrar, Anthea Payne at the Guild.
The only hand spinning course like it in Australia!

2 Responses to Do You Want to Expand or Consolidate Your Spinning Knowledge?

  1. Marise McIntosh says:

    Is this course correspondance,
    as I’m interested but may be
    moving in the new year and attendance might be a problem.
    Also when is the intro day?
    Regards Marise.

  2. Prue says:

    Hi Marise,
    The course is self paced. You buy the booklet and work through the exercises at home. If you want your work assessed, you need to register and submit your workbook within a certain period after registration. You can mail the workbook/s.
    The Intro Day is on Nov 16, 08 in the Guild Rooms. All welcome.