Elody Bilanycz: International School of Colour and Design

The January guest speaker was Elody Bilanycz from the International School of Colour and Design.

Elody told us about the International School of Colour and Design, North Sydney which has been in existence for 25 years. They release sets of trends or themes in colour and design and also run courses for designers, artists, decorators and colourists. We were shown a presentation of design trends.

Eco Village: In Europe a lot of people are moving back to living off the land. There is a renewed interest in tribalism, earth art and community living. Globally this movement is gaining momentum from people making their own homes, growing their own food and being self sufficient to tree house kitset holiday homes in Germany and the resurgence of earth art. Art work created from nature using stones, leaves etc.
Eco Tech: This theme focuses on taking ideas from nature and using technology to recreate it. Man-made tiles can be made to look as though they have grain like timber. Water tanks can look like garden decorations. Laminates can be printed with pictures of grass, trees etc.
Mosaic: Cultural crossover. Taking different styles and eras and mixing them in a way that works for us. In Sydney we have slick Moroccan restaurants that are decorated with antique Moroccan lanterns and fabrics mixed with contemporary Australian style.
Vintage Value: Looking back and finding the intrinsic value in things. Objects with soul and a history are cherished. Finishes are hand stitched, aged by time. Nostalgic decorating styles are being revitalised using new technology. Many people buy vintage clothes and wear them. A happy and optimistic colour palette accompanies this theme.
Extreme: On the edge, abstract, geometric. Extreme is all about excess and pushing the boundaries. Examples of extreme can be found throughout India, the middle east and Russia where resorts, restaurants and retail concept stores are trying to outdo each other by pushing design boundaries.
Kid’s voice: Fantasy land, interesting and colourful designs for childrens’ hospitals, hotels focussing on special rooms for children.
We each received a questionnaire to complete and will learn later our personal style.

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