Certificate of Competence in Hand Spinning Information Day Report

We had a very successful day, with all present participating and communicating well. The advisory panel answered questions from the students as we went through the course booklet. The panel was also able to give helpful information about the course and what is expected of the students, eg deadlines for submission of work, that no names should appear on submitted work, fees, checks on spinning throughout the course (if requested).

Asked their reasons for doing the course, students cited a means to improve their spinning and also to gain the maximum knowledge about what was a new field of endeavour. One of the students who has made more progress than the others suggested that because the course booklet is so well set out and easy to follow, it was useful to start at the beginning and try to do a little work on the course each day.
Students were informed about services provided by the Guild – library, equipment hire, Spinning Study Group and targeted workshops (one in August.) Library books were on display together with sets of completed Part A and Part B binders for the students to look through. The students asked questions about the workbooks and studied the set out. Some were surprised at the amount of work to be done.
Overall, the students seem well prepared to do the course, with spinning lessons and mentors, and are very optimistic about following through to completion.
Everyone agreed that the day was very beneficial and worthwhile.

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