Mystery Object

We received the following letter from the husband of a long time member of the West Australian HWS Guild:

Recently I was asked to restore to working order an old wool winder that has been hidden at the back of one of the storage cupboards [at the WA Guild] for many years. It is now fully operational.
I would like to prepare an information plaque to go with the winder but have had no success in finding any appropriate details. Besides the obvious check through the WA Guild reference library, I have checked Google and the State Reference Library and have not been able to find any authoritative reference. In a book by Eric Corran there is a photo of a similar winder, but no relevant information.
The reason for this approach to your Guild is that perhaps one of your members may have come across a similar winder and know of such and would be prepared to send me any information.
It is thought that the winder may have been made in the early 1900s and some references list such a winder as simply a “wool winder” and others refer to it as a reel. This one makes a skein length of 52 inches whereas the “standard” seems to have been 54 inches, being 1.5 yards. The counter records every 590 laps of the winder.

Send any info to:
Roy W Skinner
40 Ewen Street
Scarborough WA 6019

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