The Intentional Spinner: October Book Review

The Intentional Spinner: A Holistic Approach to Making Yarn by Judith MacKenzie McCuin was recently reviewed by Jenny Hopper.

The Intentional Spinner includes a comprehensive range of relevant information for hand spinners on the nature of fibres and spinning techniques. Included is a chapter titled Science of Fibres which details the properties of the three, present day, fibre groups – cellulose, protein and manufactured. It enables spinners to understand the importance of selecting the most appropriate fibre(s) for a particular end use.
Spinning techniques are well presented with clear photos and diagrams as well as relevant explanations. Methods of creating yarns with specific characteristics are detailed, with clear explanations appropriate to fibre choice, twist (direction and amount), structure (woollen/worsted/pseudo), yarn diameter and yarn texture.
Little reference is given to spinning wheel design and characteristics, appropriate for a book to be valued internationally by spinners with access to a huge range of spinning wheel design and function.
This is a very useful and challenging book for individual spinners as well as spinning groups and libraries. As far as I know Artisan Books, Melbourne is the only outlet in Australia.
Jenny Hopper

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