Translating Knitting to Weaving Yarns

Weavers wrap a yarn around a ruler or piece of dowel marked off to one inch to describe the thickness of the yarn and then use these wraps per inch to calculate the sett. Knitters talk of multiple plies to describe the thickness of their yarn. But spinners know that plying combines two or more yarns together and that those yarns can have different diameters depending on how you draft. How to reconcile these different terms?
Wraps per Inch = Knitter’s ply count
18 or more = 2 ply or less
16 to 18 wpi = 3 ply
15 wpi = 4 ply
14 wpi = 5 ply
13 wpi = 6 ply
12 wpi = 8 ply or Aran
10 wpi = 12 ply or Aran
9 wpi = chunky or 14 ply
8 or less = bulky

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