Sheep to Shawl Contest

The Royal Show invites us to hold the contest that generates such interest in the Craft Pavilion. In turn, it is my pleasure to invite your participation both as teams and as individuals in order to showcase our fine skills in wool craft and in speaking to any and all interested people!

We need teams of three. Each team member should be able to spin, ply, knit, follow a pattern and sew up. Speed is the key, so do all this as quickly as possible: we race the clock as well as each other. It is a fun day of social spinning – with a bit of time pressure. Oh yes, and there is a Trophy.
Copies of the pattern are available only on the day. Bring your own size 6 needles, sewing up needle, hand wipes and talcum powder together with your wheel and accessories. A feature breed fleece will be supplied for us.
Come and join the Crossfibres at the Royal Show this September – come as a group, come as a team of three, come one and all. Call me to book in.
Please Express your interest by 30 May.
When: 26 September 2010
Where: Royal Melbourne Showgrounds, Epsom Road, Ascot Vale
Info: Marion Wheatland

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