A New Weaving Course

Sturt is investigating the possible implementation of a new weaving course. If you could take the time to complete the survey and indicate whether you would consider attending such a course or not, it would be greatly appreciated.
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Head of Sturt
PO Box 34
Mittagong NSW 2575
F: 02 4860 2081
E: mviner@sturt.nsw&#46gov.au

The weaving course will be designed to develop skill in design, technique and presentation. Students will be expected to attain and exhibit a high level of technical skill in many aspects of woven structure. Upon graduation students will have the skills to maintain their own studio practice, in a commercial environment if desired. The class would be small with teacher student ratios designed for optimal studio experience.
Outcomes: An extensive source of completed written and woven samples for future reference; knowledge and ability to create hand woven designs of a professional standard; a high level of technical expertise in hand weaving; the production of a number of woven projects; the development of some professional expertise. A group exhibition will be the culmination of the course.
Length of Course: the equivalent of 1 year full time study
Structure of Course: the course will be presented in a series of units. They may be taken as a full course, as individual units or groups of units.
Requirements: Some level of weaving ability will be required. This course is not designed to teach people how to start weaving.
Costing is currently under review.
Accreditation: It is possible that this may become an accredited course.
Looms: 8 shaft looms are the minimum requirement for the course. Some units only require 4 shaft looms. These are available at Sturt for full time students. Part time students will be expected to use their own looms. It is envisaged that extension work be available for more than 8 shafts according to student needs.

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