The 2011 MAFA (Mid Atlantic Fibre Association) Workshop Weekend will be held Gettysburg College in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, July 7-10. The full descriptions of the classes listed below will be in the brochure which is due out 1 December.

Sharon Alderman: Colour and Weave Effects
Mary Berent: 8/2 Cotton – Versatile, Beautiful and Inexpensive
Jason Collingwood: 4-End Blockweave (Taquete)
Inge Dam: Incorporating Tablet Weaving into Garments
Melissa Dunning: 18th and 19th century Linens
Sarah Fortin: Shadow Weave: More than Two Colours
Karel Henneberger: This Is a Loom; This is a Shuttle
Barbara Herbster: Leno: Exploring Finger Manipulated Lace Weaves
Bobbie Irwin: Creative Overshot
Tom Knisely: Huck Lace: Pushing the Boundaries of Tradition
Ruby Leslie: The 3-Ds of 3-D: Deflection, Different Shrinkage and Double Weave
Nadine Sanders: A Rumplestiltskin Adventure: Double Weave Overlay for Rugs and Runners
Claudia Segal: Don’t Treadle – Go Rigid Heddle
Mimi Smith: Building with Blocks
Robin Spady: Extreme Warp Makeover
Betty Vera: Planned Colour Surprises: Weaving with Variegated Yarns
Barbara Walker: Striped with Attitude
Virginia West: Advancing Twill: Sampler to Scarf
Heather Winslow: Theo Moorman Inlay Technique Adapted to Clothing
Eileen Hallman: Exploring the Versatility of the Charka
Sally Jenkins: Novice Spinning
Andrea Mieke Schroer: Intermediate Spinning
Carol Wood/Debbie MacCrea: Complex Colour from Natural Dyes: Colour Blending & Spinning
And More
Barbara Diefenderfer: Simply Casual or Elegant Tops
James Koehler: Tapestry Techniques
Daryl Lancaster: Fibre Boot Camp: Oh the Possibilities
Pamela MacGregor: Bound Book of Felting Techniques
Karen Searle: Uncharted Territory: Knit and Crochet for Sculpture and Jewellery
Terri Stewart: Transparency 101

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