Camp Pluckyfluff, Australia

Lexi Boeger, a well known, modern spinner is a very exciting exponent of Art Yarns and an inspiration to spinners. She will run workshops in Melbourne and Sydney and is organising the bookings.

They will be pay-what-you-can-or-not events. ‘Cause lord knows, times is tight! That means. . . if you can pay full price, do so. If not, pay some or none but bring something else to contribute to the weekend such as extra fibre to donate or some yummy potluck dish or whatever you can swing. If you can’t pay anything, just email to get a spot and let me know what you can bring. (There are separate enrolments for Melbourne and Sydney, make sure you’re clicking the right one!)
Space and priority will be given starting with students paying full price then on down the scale in the event that the class gets over-booked. The venues are big though, so we’ll hopefully get everyone in.

Lexi has up to 45 participants at each workshop.
Where: Annandale Town Hall. 79 Johnston St, Annandale
When: 10.00am-5.00pm, 2 and 3 April

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