Australian weavers at Sabah exhibition

The Sabah Art Gallery is holding the Third Folk Art Exhibition at the Ming Garden Hotel and Residence here.
The event with the theme, Understanding Aspects of Australian Aboriginal Culture, which began yesterday until July 17, features weavers from the Koorie Heritage Trust of Melbourne, Australia.
Three weavers from Australia will be demonstrating their basket weaving skills alongside three local Sabahan weavers.
The Australian weavers comprise Treahna Hamm who is a renowned artist, Bronwyn Razem from Kirrae Whurrong clan of the Gunditjimara people on the western Warrnambool coastline and Patricia Harrison who is a Gunai/Kurnai and Yorta Yorta woman, while the local weavers are Dainsing Binti Darum from Kampung Inarad, Tongod, Mainah Tuumuh from Kampung Kalibatang, Kuala Tomani and Rembini Suanti from Kampung Bongol, Tamparuli.

Australian weavers at Sabah exhibitionBorneo Post Online

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