Evergreen: fresh sustainable fashion

Evergreen presents a new generation of designers who are changing the look and feel of eco-fashion with innovative and beautiful designs. While sustainability is a lifestyle choice on the lips of many Australians, it is yet to be applied to fashion.
Consider this exhibition a starting point, which highlights methods of sustainable practice and offers more ethical and environmentally conscious ways to enjoy fashion.
Where: Object Gallery, 417 Bourke Street Surry Hills
When: Tuesday – Friday: 11.00am – 5.00pm, Saturday – Sunday: 10.00am – 5.00pm

Ararat Basketfest 2012

This festival will celebrate the 30th anniversary of Douglas Fuchs’ landmark fibre installation Floating Forest, presented in partnership with the Powerhouse Museum, Sydney. There will be a symposium at the Ararat Performing Arts Centre, associated exhibitions, residential workshops and basketry for children.
When: 31 March
Where: Ararat Performing Arts Centre

Mona Lisa

Knitting Behind Bars

In late 2009, Lynn Zwerling stood in front of 600 male prisoners at the Pre-Release Unit in Jessup, Maryland. “Who wants to knit?” she asked the burly crowd. They looked at her like she was crazy.
Yet almost two years later, Zwerling and her associates have taught more than 100 prisoners to knit, while dozens more are on a waiting list to take her weekly class. “I have guys that have never missed one time in two years,” Zwerling says. “Some reported to us that they miss dinner to come to class.”

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2012 International Scarf Exchange

The Wangaratta Hand Weavers and Spinners look forward to your participation. The theme for 2012 is: Fiesta – a kaleidoscope of colour.
Registration period: 1 October to 31 December 2011.
The aims of the scarf exchange are to preserve the skills of spinning, weaving, knitting, crochet and felting, to expand our wool craft network and to challenge each crafter to produce their best original work.
Participation in the scarf exchange involves you selecting 150gm of washed and combed natural fibre to be crafted into a scarf by another participant. In return you will be required to craft a scarf using the fibre sent to you.
1. Send your fibre, fibre sample, entry form and entry fee by 31 December 2011 to:
Wangaratta Hand Weavers and Spinners
PO Box 473
Wangaratta VIC 3676
2. You will receive an exchange package of fibre by the end of February 2012. Over the next 4 months you will be able to spin, dye, knit, crochet, weave or felt the exchange fibre into a surprising creation to showcase the best of your fibre talents.
3. Delivery Date for the return of your finished scarf is 20 July 2012.
4. Scarf Exhibition: All entries for the Scarf Exchange will be on display at Workshop Space, Wangaratta Art Gallery, Ovens Street, Wangaratta for 10 days from Saturday, 8 September to Sunday, 16 September 2012. The exhibition will incorporate the regional Sharing Day hosted by Wangaratta Hand Weavers and Spinners on Tuesday, 11 September. We invite all crafters to visit Wangaratta over this period.
5. Finished scarves will be returned by the end of Nov 2012.
All fibre must be in the form of washed and combed tops. You can use any natural fibre or combination of natural fibres. You can select the colours you prefer for your finished scarf or let the crafter choose whether or not to dye the fibre.
Entry Fee: Australian and NZ participants $16
Info & forms: Marion Stewart

Tasmanian Craft Fair

The Tasmanian Craft Fair is the largest working demonstration of arts and crafts in Australia, and the 31st Fair will be held from 4-7 November in Deloraine.
A not-for-profit event run by the Rotary Club of Deloraine, the Fair hosts more than 240 arts and craftspeople, involves more than 1000 community volunteers and attracts more than 25,000 people from Tasmania, interstate and overseas in at least 15 venues, with even shopkeepers in the main street of Deloraine getting involved.
Throughout the Fair, there will be a range of classes for people of all ages, and working demonstrations.
The event also features a Gourmet Festival, with a range of Tasmanian food, wine and micro-brewed beers available while you sit back and relax. There is also a Gourmet Pantry, featuring predominantly Tasmanian-made produce such as jams, preserves, spices, puddings, wines, cheeses and more.
There will be also a variety of local and interstate entertainers throughout the Fair.

Keep Calm and Cast On For Christchurch

Beautiful summer in Christchurch has been hit hard by the earthquakes and now its streets are lined with thousands of shipping containers. Those containers will be with us for a long time, so we’d like to make them more attractive!
This is where you come in!
Help us create a giant container cosy.
Simply kit or crochet a 30 by 30cm square. The more squares you make the closer we’ll be to our beautiful container cosy.
To find out more, contact Christine or Facebook

The Art of Textiles: Call for Submissions

Mary Schoeser, specialist author in textiles, is working on an project commissioned by Thames & Hudson. Entitled The Art of Textiles, this is to be a major work of over 1,000 images and celebrating the breadth and depth of the field today.
Mary is keen to source stunning images of the work of creative individuals. Of equal interest are pieces that have been collected as outstanding inspirational examples, including ethnographic and historical materials, since one aspect of the text deals with the impact of the eye of the beholder. In particular, detailed images are sought in order to illustrate the complexity and extraordinary variety of surface treatments, manipulations, materials and structures that textiles present. In addition, Mary is seeking personal statements elucidating why or how each piece is of personal significance.

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Yarning Our Country: Knitted Landscape Project

The Gloucester Gallery want to create an entirely knitted rural landscape to be displayed in 2013. They invite your participation.
You’ll be able to walk through this landscape starting with a stroll through a rainforest, meandering alongside a river and some bushland, before stepping up for an aerial view of a farm and then visiting a life-sized garden. All the plants, trees, animals, people, buildings, machinery, clouds, grass, water, insects, flowers will be knitted in 3D.
You can use any material as long as it is knitted or crocheted or you can use yarn in any creative way. And you can stitch your knitting over or around objects to give them form or make them stand up.
Info: Gloucester Gallery Farmyard patterns are available.

The Art of Textiles

Call for submissions
Mary Schoeser, specialist author in textiles, is working on an exciting project commissioned by Thames & Hudson, London. Entitled The Art of Textiles, this is to be a major work comprising over 1,000 images and celebrating the breadth and depth of the field today.

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