Rare Breeds Spinning Challenge

Sasha Torres, of the Spin Doctor podcast, issued a challenge to spinners to try to source and spin fleece from rare breeds. She started the competition at the beginning of the year after she attended a workshop that introduced her to many breeds of sheep that she hadn’t spun before.

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Certificate of Competence in Hand Spinning

It is with pleasure that Jeanette Colditz advises us that Georgina Humphrey of Hobart, Tasmania, has been awarded the Certificate of Competence in Hand Spinning Part A.
Georgina took only one year of the three years allowed to complete the Certificate. Georgina is progressing on to Part B.

Natural Dye Symposium 2012

Beautiful Silks are absolutely thrilled to announce that, so far, they have the following firm arrangements:
The opening celebration and speech will be presented by Janet de Boer OAM 27 June 6.00pm.
3 day workshop Shifu Books In The Ecotone with Velma Bolyard (USA) 29 June to 1 July. Workshop fee is $375
One day workshop Nature’s Colours Fabric with India Flint, July 5. Fee $198. This workshop is almost sold out.
One day workshop The Natural Dyed Thread, tutor Roz Hawker
One day workshop Stitching the boundary, layering with natural fibres, thread and fabric, tutor Roz Hawker
Two one-day workshops, Asa Walquist Yarns: Natural dyeing and Traditional Patterns in Knitting
Please register if you have not done so already.

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Contemporary Weaving: Masterclass with Liz Williamson

Weaving has many social, cultural and technical traditions and conventions which provide rich sources of reference for contemporary practice. In this workshop some of these traditions will be examined, adapted and explored for designs that suit the current environment of contemporary design. Participants will design and make woven structures that reflect the current concern for environmental issues and sustainable materials while designing and weaving pieces for the body or as 3D objects.

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Ikat Weaving

Don’t miss the opportunity to create gorgeous Ikat Weaving with Monique van Nieuwland at TAFTA’s Geelong Forum 2011 to be held from 25 September – 1 October at Geelong Grammar School, Victoria. Monique is a well known weaving teacher with great colour skills. She will help you master the creation of woven colour patterns through resist binding and dyeing of warp threads. Even a very simple resist pattern offers a great variety in design opportunities.
To learn more: or email Janet De Boer

Fibre Arts Australia

Glenys Mann has a new business name: Fibre Arts Australia.
She organises 5 day textile/fibre conferences throughout Australia and has scheduled the next 12 months. Glenys has taught and coordinated workshops for the past 30 years.
One of the exciting events close to the Sydney region will be Cloth Arts @ Hawkesbury from 25 September to 1 October. Find out what it is all about, what classes are offered and who is teaching at Fibre Arts Australia
There are over 1500 visitors per month on Glenys’ website, Fibre Arts Australia. If you would like to place your website on her link page she is only too pleased to do so. If you could reciprocate, she would be thrilled.
Information: 9 Hannaford Ave, Tamworth, NSW 2340

Correspondence Course in Machine Knitting

Macknit (the NSW Machine Knitters Association) feels there may be some of our members who spin their own yarn and would like to machine knit it. This course may be convenient for them. Country members are very welcome.
In 2010 Macknit Inc introduced a correspondence course for beginner machine knitters on Japanese machines. It has been well received in NSW and they would like to extend it.

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Spinning Fleece from Rare Breeds

Sasha Torres, the Spin Doctor, has started a competition on her group in Ravelry to encourage her listeners to spin fleece from rare breeds. They are happily exchanging sources in the US and UK. Which makes me wonder. What is available in Australia and where would I buy it?

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Swedish Weaving Conference

The focus at next year’s Väv conference is clothing sewn from hand woven fabric. next September Handwoven and Väv magasinet are co-sponsoring a runway fashion show at the conference in September. Handwoven is looking for five tailored and five loom-shaped garments from their readers.
Digital photos must be submitted to the Handwoven website by 1 April 2011. Complete information will be published in the magazine and posted on The selected items must be sent to Handwoven, who will ship them off to Sweden. The winning garments will also appear in a special garment issue of Handwoven scheduled for September/October 2011.
For more information about the conference go to [Google Translate]

Be Linen

A very interesting video, Be Linen: A Short Documentary about the European Linen and Hemp Industry, is currently on Core77.
French filmmaker Benoit Millot made this 15 minute documentary (in French with English subtitles) on behalf of the European Confederation of Flax and Hemp, CELC, supporting the linen and hemp industry in Europe.

BE LINEN MOVIE from Benoit MILLOT on Vimeo.

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