New Craft Group in Lane Cove, Sydney

The Neighbourhood centre at Lane Cove, Sydney wants to start a social group for people to indulge their crafty pursuits (whatever they may be) in a social, fun and friendly environment. They are open to all crafters: knitters, crocheters, quilters, needleworkers, tatters, jewellery makers, folk artists, scrap bookers, whatever craft takes your fancy.

The group will be held at their centre at 23a Stokes Street, Lane Cove on a Thursday evening.

To determine if the group would be successful, they ask interested people to express their interest by , Facebooking Meeting House Neighbourhood Centre or by phoning 9427 1841.

Cost: $5 per person with tea and coffee provided

A Small Mill Survey

hopes to put together a project for a complete small wool processing mill here in Australia aimed at small farmers (1 to 200+ shed). She is at the information gathering stage of her business plan and would like small fibre producers to complete a short survey.

Japan Quilting Expo

The annual Japan Quilting Expo will be held in Yokohama, Tokyo in November 2010. This Expo attracts quilters from all over the world including Australia. It is a 3-day event that shows the latest trends and styles in Japanese quilting with workshops and social events at the Expo.
Travel Associates are organising a tour to the Expo. After spending three days at the Expo, participants will travel to Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan and, as well as general sightseeing, will have a guided tour of local fabric shops and attend a half day quilting workshop with a well known Kyoto quilter.
Three days of sightseeing in Tokyo follow including a visit to Nippori Fabric City. Accommodation is 3-4 star and travel on the Shinkansen between Tokyo and Kyoto is a highlight. The 10 day/9 night tour, fully escorted from Australia by Japan Holidays staff costs from $5,249.


There is a new group for discussion of sprang, a string craft of interlocking warp used to create webbing for sashes, bags, hairnets, hammocks and more. You are invited to join and share information about sprang both modern and historical.
The owner of the list, Franco Rios, has a web page with lots of fibre related links: Rabbit Geek: Links Fiber Related


Eight short months ago, in August 2008, an idea began with three weavers who wanted to launch a website to offer hand weavers an inclusive environment where they could catalogue projects, share drafts, discuss ideas and share resources. Claudia Segal, Tien Chiu and Alison Giachetti, along with a host of dedicated volunteers have worked tirelessly to bring this idea alive, and in late May or early June we are launching the first version of! You will be able to join and participate in the user-created, moderated groups and forums, and post your current projects (drafts and pictures), looms, yarns, books, accessories, and whatnot to share with others. If you prefer, you will be able to peruse the entire site without joining or logging in.

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Antique Pattern Library

The Antique Pattern Library is a great resource for inspiration or old patterns/designs. Most of these books are rare and are scanned in to share and celebrate the vast history of craft. Pictured here is a French crochet book from 1868 donated by Judith Combs. Topics are range in the needlecraft family from knitting, crochet, embroidery, needlepoint and more. Books listed in light grey are those that are currently being scanned and will be added to the library.
Antique Pattern Library(via Blog)

Needle Felting Tutorial

Betz White has a great needle felting tutorial up using one of those cool needlefelting tools from Clover.
Needle Felting – new toolBetz White (via Blog)


CraftMemo is a free, flexible, easy-to-use record keeping & management system designed specially to cater for craft enthusiasts.

CraftMemo was a personal project created by me (Jan) a craft addict. Like most of you I have hundreds of craft supplies from many suppliers and used only MS Excel as a means to organize my inventory. It soon became too cumbersome to organize and find things.
I finally decided to write my own inventory system as there wasn’t anything out there that was simple yet flexible enough to manage all my craft goodies. I shared this program with a couple of close friends who found the system to be useful and suggested that I share it with other craft enthusiasts. This was how CraftMemo started and I personally hope that many others will enjoy and benefit from it.

Blog for Craft Entrepreneurs

Make It is a relatively new blog on the block specialising in information, tips, and more on how to be a craft entrepreneur. There are some great crafter interviews for biz advice as well as for craft inspiration.
Make It(via MAKE: Blog)

Interactive Weaver Tartan Generator

The Interactive Weaver Tartan Generator automatically generates tartan patterns based on your colour selections. Choose your colours, there order and the number of threads per colour and they’ll draw the tartan.
The House of Tartan gives you the option of having twill or silk fabric woven in your chosen pattern, but it’s a handy tools for experimenting with your own designs.
Interactive Weaver Tartan Generator(via Boingboing)