Cross Stitch Generator

Create your own cross stitch projects with your own digital images or photos. Dark Lilac‘s counted cross stitch chart generator will calculate a pattern as well as a stitch count and color chart. As long as your uploaded image is scaled to the exact size you want (1 pixel= 1 cross stitch), the final stitch chart will be calculated accordingly. You can also check out the recently uploaded cross stitch charts.
Cross Stitch GeneratorDark Lilac (via MAKE: Blog)

Recycling Yarn from Old Jumpers

A great tutorial from Ashley Martineau on how to reuse the yarn from old jumpers you don’t want any more. The tutorial is complete with photos and lots of tips on how you can reuse the yarn, like doubling up the fibres for stronger support.
The Recycled Yarn Tutorialneauveau (via MAKE: Blog)


Prue has found a free online weaving magazine produced by Ralph Griswold.
Webside(via Weavetech mailing list)


If you’d rather listen to a magazine than read it, then podcasting is for you. Cast-On is a new knitting podcast that joins the wonderful KnitCast.
For more information about podcasts, see our previous article.

Textile Dictionary

Prue has discovered an excellent resource in Resil Chemicals’ online textile dictionary.
Textile DictionaryResil Chemicals (via Weavetech mailing list)

Random Stripe Generator

Sometimes you just need to visualise it to get a better idea. Especially when it comes to mixing and matching colour. Before you start your next scarf or jumper project, check out the Random Stripe Generator. It’s a great online tool created by a fellow crafter to help you see it, before you make it. And if you don’t like the patterns that are produced, just hit refresh, and you’ll get more options.
Random Stripe (via MAKE: Blog)

Southern Cross Knitting: Winter 2005

Southern Cross Knitting‘s inaugural issue, Winter 2005, is online is a new online.
There’s some great articles on spinning and dyeing and some wonderful patterns to try out.
Southern Cross Knitting


MagKnits is an online magazine if knitting patterns that is published twice a year. They are always looking for submissions, so drop them a line if you’d like to share.
Between issues patterns are sent out to subscribers of their free e-mail mailing list.
MagKnits(via KnitCast)

Podcasting with a Knitty Flavour

Podcasting is the web equivalent of an audio magazine subscription. Audio files are made available online by anyone on any topic. You can download them for listening on your computer, burn them onto a CD for listening in the car or upload them to an MP3 player to enjoy when you’re walking the dog, spinning or knitting.
KnitCast is a podcast about knitting. The site includes all the information you’ll need about how to receive and utilise the audio files.
A good free program is Juice, it’s available for recent versions of Windows, Macintosh and Linux. iTunes is also now capable of downloading podcasts.
It’s worth noting that if you plan on getting into podcasts, the files can be quite large, so you’ll need a broadband internet connection and enough hard drive space to download your files.
KnitCast(via knitting in public)

Knitting Graph Generator

microRevolt offers an awesome free program called knitPro which translates any high resolution image into a graph for you to create your custom designed knitwear.
The reason the program is freely available is to encourage a little political monkeywrenching. The idea being that you can easily create a pattern using the logo of a large company that uses sweatshop labour, such as Nike, and knit up your own subversive jumper.
Or you could just run vintage fabric swatches, cartoons, or the kid’s photographs and drawings through the program and create your own amazing and unique gifts for the family.
knitPromicroRevolt (via knitting in public)