SS17 Dyeing and Spinning Cotton with Joan Ruane (USA)

16 January 2018 – 18 January 2018 all-day Australia/Sydney Timezone
Epping Creative Centre
Dence Park, 27 Stanley Street, Epping

SS17 Dyeing and Spinning Cotton with Joan Ruane (USA)
$285 ($345 non-members)
Three-day course: Tues – Thurs, 16 –18 Jan 2018
at Epping Creative Centre, Epping
Cotton is really easy to spin when you understand the nature of the fibre and learn a few basic techniques for spinning a short fibre. Start spinning cotton with supported spindles and charkha without the restriction of an orifice and flyer. Joan will guide you on how and why to adjust your wheel and teach you basic spinning techniques. Over three days, learn how to card cotton properly, make good quality punis and learn to spin cotton from punis; dye cotton fibres and slivers and paint cotton sliver; spin off the seed and prepared ‘easy-to-spin’ cotton sliver; spin for a project, learn cotton-plying techniques and how to finish cotton yarns for your desired use.
Skill Level: Advanced beginner and intermediate: must be able to treadle wheel clockwise without trouble. This course will benefit spinners working towards CCHS.
Equipment: Spinning wheel, fast whorl (10:1+) or fast feet, lazy kate, four bobbins, clean carders, niddy noddy, dark apron/lap cloth, wheel maintenance kit, tags, pencil, plastic bags, small wide-mouth jar, rubber gloves & face mask. Joan recommends bringing your own spinning chair if possible or a cushion.
Materials: Australian cotton fibre donated by CSIRO. Other materials TBA.
Link: Guild classes

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