Join in the Guild’s 70th Anniversary Celebrations 2017

70th Anniversary events are being held around the Burwood area: Club Burwood RSL, Club Burwood, and Fitzroy Hall (next door to the Woodstock Community Centre)

The Hand Weavers and Spinners Guild of NSW is celebrating our 70th Anniversary in 2017.  The Guild has been providing support and community to those who practise in the craft of weaving and spinning for seventy years. As our craft involves fibre and textiles, we have members who further use crafts like knitting, crochet, sewing, etc. as the culmination of their craft.

There are many events planned for 2017 to celebrate our 70th most of which will culminate on the weekend of 24-25 June 2017. Leading up to this date, members are invited to participate by creating works to exchange, to exhibit and for awards.   During the weekend, members are also invited to attend a celebration and awards dinner.

Guild members and the public are invited to attend the Exhibition to view works created by members.  There is also a Traders Hall to buy fibre, yarn, equipment, and members’ handmade works.

Please Note: Though the event venues are quite close together, two of the venues (Club Burwood RSL and Club Burwood) are unfortunately named quite similarly, but are still several blocks apart.  Please ensure you check the address here before committing yourself to parking if walking is an issue for you.

70th Anniversary Exhibition

The Guild’s 70th Anniversary Exhibition is open to the public. It will be held at Fitzroy Hall (next to Woodstock Community Centre), Burwood on 24th & 25th June (10 till 4 pm). Members of the Guild, and members of the Guild’s Network Groups, are invited to enter their handmade items for selection in the Exhibition. Entries must be received by 1st May and all entries will be judged for 10 special cash awards (exhibition handmade entry details). Some items in the exhibition may be for sale.

All entries will be assessed, based on the information submitted on the entry form, eg. fibre, technique, etc. The judging panel will make 10 awards. Initial details here, more details will be announced at the February Guild meeting:

  • Excellence in spinning;
  • Excellence in weaving;
  • Excellence in felting;
  • Best article made from alpaca;
  • Best article made from black or naturally coloured wool;
  • Best article made from silk;
  • Miniature item (must fit in 20cm cube) e.g. braid, tapestry, knitting;
  • Most innovative original design; and,
  • Best use of colour in a garment.

These each attract a sponsored $100 cash prize. There will also be a Peoples’ Choice award of $25 and an overall award for excellence from the Guild of $250.

Dinner and Awards Night

The Guild will be having a dinner to celebrate our 70th anniversary.  The dinner, to be held at Club Burwood (this one is located opposite the train station at 97 Burwood Rd, Burwood),  6pm Saturday, 24 June 2017, will include celebrations and awards.  To reserve a seat or a table for your group contact Susie John via email ( Ticket costs are still being finalised. This is a Guild members and network group members only event.

Traders Hall

Everyone is welcome to join us at our 70th Anniversary Traders Hall to purchase fibre, equipment, and even members’ work.  The Traders Hall will be held at Club Burwood RSL, 96 Shaftesbury Rd, Burwood NSW.

Tea Towel Exchange

We welcome all members of the Guild and our Network Groups to participate in a tea towel exchange, as part of our 70th year celebrations in June 2017.

The guidelines are simple. The tea towels may be woven on any loom type (rigid heddle through to computer controlled).  Tea towel should be between 16-20 inches (40-50cm) wide and 24-32 inches (60-80cm) long. Hems are more suitable for tea towels than fringes. The thread should be appropriate to the task.


Three sets of three tea towels for 70th Anniversary Tea Towel Exchange

  • weave four (4) tea towels and keep a weaving record of them (tea towel weaving record);
  • send in three (3) tea towels, each with a copy of the weaving record by 23 June 2017; and,
  • include a $10 entry fee with each set of three tea towels.

We will return to you three (3) different tea towels with their weaving records in August 2017. Tea towels will be exhibited at our Birthday Weekend, 24-25 June 2017.

You may weave four tea towels all the same or four on the same warp but woven with different colours or lifts or four completely different tea towels. The choice is yours, just make sure to send your appropriate weaving records back with each towel.

By 23rd June 2017, your package of three tea towels should be dropped off at the Guild rooms, or sent to:

Andrew McCracken
71 Lalor Drive
Springwood NSW 2777

The tea towels will be displayed in June 2017 for our 70th anniversary. Your entry is taken as consent for your work being displayed and, perhaps, photographed for publicity purposes.

If you are enthused, multiple entries are not only permitted, but also encouraged!

Braid Exchange

We welcome all members of the Guild and all members of our network groups to participate in a braid exchange, as part of our 70th year celebrations in June 2017.

There is no set theme for the braid exchange. The braids may use any fibre, any technique or equipment. Possibilities include braiding, weaving, finger weaving, plaiting, cordage, passementerie, macramé or lace. Equipment can include a braiding stand or disk, weaving loom, card or tablet weaving, lucet, inkle loom, rigid heddle loom or bobbin lace pillow. Simply challenge yourself with a new technique or perfect an existing one.

Instructions for entry:

  • braid any narrow wares (a thin, narrow textile or fabric);
  • keep a braiding record to be returned with each braid (braiding record);
  • create a long braid, band, cord or plait that measures at least 1.3 metre/50 inches and no wider than 15 cm (no minimum width requirement);
  • cut the braid into seven (7) equal sections at least 15cm/6 inches in length;
  • retain one braid for yourself; and,
  • send in the remaining six with a copy of the braiding record for each and a large, self-addressed, stamped envelope by 14 June 2017.

In August 2017, we will return to you (in your self-addressed envelope) five (5) different braids with their weaving records. The sixth braid will be retained for Guild archives.

If you need to discuss your braid in advance or need support while braiding it, don’t hesitate to contact .

Your package of braids, record and self-addressed return envelope should be dropped off at the Guild rooms or sent to:

Rod Byatt
28 Stanley St
Tempe NSW 2044

We hope to organise an exhibition of the braid samples at our 70th Anniversary Weekend, 24-25 June 2017. Your entry is taken as consent for your work being displayed and, perhaps, photographed for publicity purposes. If you are enthused, multiple entries are permitted and encouraged.

Rare Breeds Project (This project is fully subscribed)

The project began at the August 2016 Guild meeting when all participants received their fleece packs containing the first five fleece breeds: Romney, Perendale, Cheviot, Ryeland, Lincoln X Hampshire Down and a small amount of Lincoln.


Romney skeins

The purpose of this project is for our spinners to try spinning fibres from breeds that are just names in a book to most of us. The main thing is to experiment and have some fun!

Finished products will be displayed at the 70th Anniversary Weekend, 24-25 June 2017.