The Guild is pleased to have good teachers for our craft. The list below is a list of current teachers for our courses as well as members who offer courses directly to students or groups. Please feel free to contact our teaching members to organise a workshop in your area. If you are a member and would like to add your name to this list contact the Guild.

Lynne Britten

Lynne was taught the lady-like skills of knitting, crochet, hand embroidery and sewing at an early age – and so started her textile career and addiction. She works primarily with dyes and paints on fabric including the techniques of shibori and block printing, and for the last ten years has also been the proprietor of Batik Oetoro. Way back in 1979, Lynne won First Prize in Macramé at the Royal Easter Show and her work was displayed in the Standard of Excellence showcase. She has taught macramé at the Guild Summer School where her teaching and skill was much appreciated.

Rod Byatt

Temari stitcher since 2008 and teacher since 2011. Rod is a member of online temari stitching groups. He has previously taught temari stitching as well as kumi-himo braiding at the Guild and has an enthusiastic following of stitchers.

Liz Calnan

Liz is an experienced tutor for weaving, dyeing and spinning. She has been weaving for exhibitions and teaching for almost 30 years. Liz has a Certificate in Designer Textiles from the School of Textiles, advanced weaving and spinning certificates as well as years of experimental experience. She exhibits in several galleries and at various craft shows, and tries to weave every day. Liz believes hand-woven pieces should be functional but beautiful – a joy to use and behold.

Liz regularly teaches weaving classes for the Hand Weavers and Spinners Guild of NSW Inc. She offers a wide range of prepared workshops ready for groups and classes from beginner to advanced levels.

Liz has a beautiful studio, Loom Heaven, filled with looms of all kinds, where she teaches many of her courses.

Wendy Campbell


Marie Clews

As well as a teaching certificate, Marie has a Certificate in Designer Textiles (Spinning & Weaving) from Tafe NSW and a Diploma of Art (Tapestry) from SWTAFE (Warrnambool). She has attended workshops in spinning and tapestry weaving given by national and international tutors. She dyes yarn for tapestry weaving and helps organise the annual AuNZ Tapestry Challenge. Marie has exhibited her spinning, weaving and tapestries in Australia and overseas.

Yvonne Eade

Yvonne teaches design and colour and woven tapestry workshops for beginner through intermediate students. Yvonne has a Diploma of Arts (Tapestry) from SWTAFE (Vic) and is an experienced tapestry weaver and tutor. She also helps organise the annual AuNZ Tapestry Challenge.

Jen Eddington

Jen is a shepherdess, certified wool and cashmere classer and Australia’s only certified teacher of the Redding MethodTM for dyeing fibre. She also holds a Diploma in Contemporary and Visual Arts (Technical and Further Education (TAFE) Tasmania).

Jen has have been involved in breeding fibre animals all her life. Currently, she breeds English Leicester, both white and coloured, as well as Finns. With her husband, Jen also breeds Dohne Merinos and white Suffolks in Northern Tasmania. She has spun for many years and studied both in Australia and overseas. Jen began studying the Redding MethodTM about 3 years ago as there is a renewed focus on dyeing raw fleece.

Sylvia French


Helen Halpin

Weaving for over 30 years, Helen is fascinated with the entire process required to create a piece of fabric. Her particular interest focuses on weaving scarves, wraps, vests and cushion covers using wool, silk and cotton. Helen loves the mathematics of setting up the loom, using colour and exploring numerous weave structures.

Helen was taught to weave at Bondi Evening College by the late Jack Harrison and completed two years of the TAFE weaving course. A constant learner, Helen has attended various workshops run by the Guild, Textile Fibre Forums at Mittagong and Orange, and ContextArt in the Blue Mountains.

In 2017, Helen’s Handwoven Rug was awarded first prize at the Royal Easter Show and the Excellence in Weaving award at HWS Guild NSW’s 70th Anniversary Exhibition. Helen is an active participant in the weaving arts and the editor of a no-frills newsletter called Weavers Forum.  She lives with her husband, Larry, and her two floor looms in the Blue Mountains where, since retiring, she spends her time in her beautiful studio weaving, knitting and gardening.

Iris Horoch

Iris spins, knits and is currently learning tapestry weaving. Her knitting passion is researching different knitting techniques with the aim of discovering what there is to know and, more importantly, what is worthwhile knowing. She enjoys passing this information on to others and hopes that her workshop participants will do the same. Her workshop notes are superb.

Anne Lewis

As a passionate hand weaver and engineer, for Anne, the joy of weaving lies in the connection it provides between her head, heart and hands. Anne has completed the Guild’s three-year weaving course and is a member of the Guild’s Weavers’ Interest Group and the 8 Plus study group.

Anne is fascinated by the interplay of colour and pattern that can be achieved by the interlacement of two sets of threads at right angles to each other and enjoys exploring the way that different colours interact in the cloth to enhance, distort and hide the pattern. In 2017 Anne was a finalist in the Craft NSW Emerging Artist Awards and has won prizes for her weaving including the Isabel Watt Memorial trophy for most outstanding exhibit in hand weaving at the 2018 Royal Easter Show.

Andrew McCracken

Andrew has long had an interest in working with fibre. He spent many years working tapestry and cross-stitch, designing patterns and entering exhibitions. In 2012, Andrew attended a one-week weaving course. He loved it: the fun of design, the tactile touch of thread and cloth, the extent of pattern and colour options, the complexity or simplicity of the looms. He now has several looms of different types, including a draw loom, and says there are more weaving projects going through my mind than he has time to weave.

Andrew now sells his weaving through a cooperative, has woven commission pieces for a student of fashion at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), submitted work to Craft NSW as an emerging artist, exhibited at the Braemar Gallery in Springwood and won awards in several competitions.

Andrew loves teaching introductory weaving. He regularly teaches the beginner weaving classes at the Hand Weavers and Spinners Guild of NSW and the Blue Mountain Creative Arts Centre (Glenbrook). Andrew looks forward to becoming a weaving grandparent when one of his students goes on to teach another.

Tina McLeish

Tina is passionate about wool, sheep, fleece, spinning, knitting and crocheting. She is hoping to explore further all the properties of the Australian rare breeds available, which are wonderful for drop spindling. Tina studied textiles, design and art at high school, and her love for texture and colour has never left her. She has a background in food, science and engineering but is currently using her maths to help customers check their gauge and pick the right size sweater to make at Skein Sisters. Tina finds spinning relaxing and satisfying and hopes to pass on those skills so that others can make the yarns they want for making beautiful heirloom pieces to treasure and pass on.

Angharad Rixon

Angharad Rixon is a technical textile historian specialising in lace and passementeire. Her studies in Italy, Switzerland and Spain have led to her skills in a wide variety of off-loom techniques. Angharad regularly lectures in Milan and Florence and consults for various museums and universities around the world.

Joan Ruane

Joan has been teaching spinning for almost 30 years. Today Joan concentrates on teaching workshops, writing and promoting cotton wherever she can. Her latest endeavour to promote cotton spinning is through film media. In 2006 Joan’s first video/DVD was made titled Spinning Cotton Made Easy. Anyone who has taken a class with Joan can vouch for two things: she really loves cotton and knows how to teach.

Rae Woolnough

Rae’s love of art and textiles has been a life-long interest, from sewing her first garment at eight years of age to designing and making her own wedding dress, there has always been a connection with textiles and design. She has studied photography, life drawing, painting, interior design, ceramics, graphic design and is currently studying Fine Arts at University. Rae discovered felting fourteen years ago and since then has experimented and researched felt making, exploring different techniques and textural directions. She prefers working with natural products such as fine merino wool, alpaca and silk and is on a constant quest to find beautiful and unique yarns to use as embellishments in her artworks. Rae has exhibited her work through solo and group exhibitions in galleries through out Australia. Her artworks are held in collections throughout Australia and Internationally. Rae has appeared on the international arts television program, Put Some Colour in You Life.