The Guild provides links to equipment and fibre for sale that is associated with our craft. To advertise equipment/fibre you can contact the Guild. Please note that the Guild does not inspect or guarantee any of the equipment or fibre listed for sale on this notice board. Neither does it investigate any buyer or seller. The Guild merely allows prospective sellers to place notices on this website. Buyers should independently verify all information with the seller.

Handmade Spinning Wheel

Dear Weavers and Spinners, I have a spinning wheel that my father made by hand for my mother. I am wondering if any of you would like to purchase it. My contact is

Handmade Wheel

Handmade Wheel

Handmade Wheel

Handmade Wheel

8-shaft table loom (24 inches)

8-shaft table loom made by Ashford, NZ. 24 inches wide and comes with a 12 dent reed and lease sticks. Currently set up with approximately 100 heddles on each shaft. Ready to weave with. $600. Loom is in Berry NSW. Contact Alison 0422760363.

Loom 8-shaft 80cm (32 inches)

Ashford 8 shaft loom with a weaving width of 80 cm (32 inches) plus loom stand. It comes with a raddle, warp sticks, 10 dent and 12 dent reed. Total to purchase $1500. The loom is near new and in excellent condition. It must to be sold as owner needs to downsize. Both stand and loom fold up to fit into a car.
Contact ( for a Sydney pickup from home (Stanmore) or the Guild rooms.

Dace Vare’s 8-shaft Ashford

 16-shaft Mechanical Dobby Loom

Weaving width = 52”; Reed = 12 dpi; Treadle = single; Heddles = metal;
Height = 230 cm; numerous lag bars & many pegs. More photos available on request.
The loom is currently disassembled & packed ready for pickup. Parts are labelled & accompanied by photos & written instructions for assembly. It fits in a 240cm ceiling room; can be assembled by one person, but much easier with two. Was restored by former owner. Will fit into Nissan X-Trail with driver & one passenger. Price: $1,400 ono (Advertised elsewhere)
For further information, contact .

16 shaft dobby loom 1 16 shaft dobby loom 2 16 shaft dobby loom 3 16 shaft dobby loom 4

Thorpe Countermarche Loom 4ft 8-shaft

Thorpe Countermarche floor loom 4 foot, 8 shaft.  The loom has a second back beam.  Loom is not set up for sectional warping. $750.  Equipment for sectional warping additional cost: Tension box with combs ($30); Bobbin rack with bobbins ($40), metric counter ($40).

If interested, contact Molly Rodgers via the Guild.

Molly Rodgers Thorpe Countermarche floor loom

Various Spinning Items for Sale

Ertoel Roberta Electronic Spinning wheel (with gold coloured motor cover) – According to Ian Spark (Proprietor, Ertoel Wheels), this was probably made between 1990 & 1994.It has a jumbo flyer, & comes with a home made foot switch + 3 standard bobbins. It runs well, but if required in the future it could be reconditioned for between $280 – $390, excluding the addition of any modern features (See Ertoel website) $300.

Ertoel Spinner

Ertoel spinner

Ertoel Drum Carder – “Kate” – According to Ian Spark (Proprietor, Ertoel Wheels), this was probably made in the mid to late 1980s. The drum is 6” (150mm) wide, & the batt length is approx. 14” (360mm). The card teeth are in excellent condition. The drum is 6” (150mm) wide, & the batt length is approx. 14” (360mm). The card teeth are in excellent condition. It has been fitted with a new Ertoel drive band, & the feed in tray replaced. $190

Wooden Spinning Wheel
This unkown wheel has seen better days, but does have character, as does the lazy kate. It is in the style of an Ashford Traditional, but the legs are turned; it is very easy to remove the wheel; & the leathers are at least twice as thick as those on a comparable Ashford. The photos tell the story. Includes 3 bobbins and a lazy kate. $50

Drum Carder

For Ertoel Spinner, Wooden Wheel or Kate items above, please contact  .

Kodak Carousel

Kodak Carousel S-AV 1030 slide projector with instructions in its own carry case. There are also two spare light globes and two carousels S-AV 2000 slide trays for 80 slides each.

This belongs to the Guild and hasn’t had much used but hasn’t been used for quite a few years. $50 ono.