The Hand Weavers and Spinners Guild of NSW (the Guild), is a not for profit charitable organisation with a single objective.

“… to bring together, for their mutual benefit, people who practise any of the arts of hand weaving, spinning and associated crafts; to foster and encourage the crafts by instruction, discussion and exhibition of work …”

The guild has approximately 350 members around the state. Some of our members are also members of their local Network Groups. There are many members of the Network Groups who do not have a direct membership with the guild. In total, we have approximately 1,500 craft practitioners as members of the guild and/or the Network Groups.

We have a number of activities that are run from our base in Burwood (an inner-west suburb of Sydney).

  • Monthly meeting, with demonstrations and a show and tell time.
  • Weekly our office is open to hire equipment, borrow from the extensive library, purchase from our small shop, or just ask questions from our very experienced helpers.
  • We publish a monthly newsletter called the Guild News.
  • We run a large number of lessons, some ongoing throughout the year, with a major concentration of classes in our Spring School, and again in our Autumn School.
  • We run certification programs, The Certificate of Excellence in Hand Spinning.
  • We have special interest groups meeting on a monthly basis, for weaving, spinning and braiding.
  • The Guild runs judges’ accreditation classes and is the first point of reference for shows requiring judges.

Information for each of these activities is available within the various pages of this site.

There are approximately 41 Network Groups, spread throughout New South Wales. These groups provide local support, tuition and friendship to weavers and spinners. Please feel free to contact a Network Group near you.