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Some of the equipment required for our craft can be expensive. And it is often difficult to understand the features available from various makers until actually becoming proficient in a craft.

The Guild is able to provide rental on many different components important to our craft:

  • spinning wheels of various styles;
  • looms (rigid, 4-shaft, 8-shaft, inkle, etc.);
  • hand carders;
  • drum carders;
  • wool combs;
  • wool hackles; and
  • more!

Rental of equipment is a popular pastime of members. So many items in the Guild’s rental bay are often out to members who are trialing a brand or learning a new skill. So check on availability in advance of any projects you are contemplating.

Equipment rental is available only to members of the Guild. Equipment rental of wheels and looms requires two or three months (plus deposit). Early returns will be refunded. Prices for items are listed on the equipment list and rental form but may change without notice. Contact the Guild for details.

Equipment Rental for Classes

The Guild is pleased to offer equipment for rental to help get you started without the initial expensive outlay. This will allow you to trial a new, potentially life-long, skill without breaking the bank. Guild equipment hire is available to members. So if you aren’t a member, why not become one? After all, membership is cheaper than a new wheel or loom. Rental allows you to discover what you like about equipment subtleties before purchasing. And you get membership rates on your classes plus access to the extensive resources in the Guild library.