Now is the time to start designing and making your more time consuming articles for shows and exhibitions in 2009.
There are some worthwhile prizes to win available within NSW and interstate. The Guild sponsored the Sydney Easter Show for $450 worth of prizes this year – you could take out some of this prize money next year if you start NOW!

For spinning classes at Shows the major prizes (and thus the ‘prestige’) usually go to the winners of the hand spun garment or article classes. These larger pieces involve a lot of spinning and making up time quite apart from time to select the best fleece available, seriously selecting the garment/article design and ensuring that best practice techniques can be used for seams, edges, dyeing etc.

  1. Decide which shows you wish to enter and in what general type of classes
  2. Think about the design of the finished article
  3. Fleece – find some fleece which says to you “spin me NOW” which you will really enjoy spinning
  4. Plan the article/garment design, plan colours and sequencing so that you have sufficient time – be realistic
  5. Spin all the yarn necessary (do some most days – forget the housework!)
  6. and so on… and so on…

Make it fun and achievable