Eight short months ago, in August 2008, an idea began with three weavers who wanted to launch a website to offer hand weavers an inclusive environment where they could catalogue projects, share drafts, discuss ideas and share resources. Claudia Segal, Tien Chiu and Alison Giachetti, along with a host of dedicated volunteers have worked tirelessly to bring this idea alive, and in late May or early June we are launching the first version of Weavolution.com! You will be able to join and participate in the user-created, moderated groups and forums, and post your current projects (drafts and pictures), looms, yarns, books, accessories, and whatnot to share with others. If you prefer, you will be able to peruse the entire site without joining or logging in.

Weavolution.com is the up-coming online gathering place for hand weavers. We welcome all weavers, from basket to production, using any type of loom. Weavolution will provide a place for weavers to meet, discuss and participate in moderated user groups and forums. We will offer weavers a “one-stop shopping” experience with notebooks to catalogue projects, looms, accessories and books, and searchable databases to view the same catalogued by others. Weavolution will be a global community for weavers to discover trends in weaving, find local, national and international resources and peruse ads for businesses catering to weavers.
Our goal is to create an online community for hand weavers that is useful, fun and helpful that will be a resource for shops, products and ideas from around the corner to around the world. At this time, we are accepting advertisers and have four options including ads above and below the fold on every page, a banner ad at the bottom of every page, and “The Marketplace” which is a mall-type ad area for posting a business card sized ads. We have six month commitments from five large companies including Just Our Yarn (JOY), an online yarn retailer based in Arlington, VA. Please contact Claudia Segal at claudiajane@weavoution.com if you have any questions, would like to purchase an ad or are interested in participating in the beta test which will take place in May.