Katherine grew up in Kansas, as did Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz and Superman. Katherine points out that she differs from these characters in that she is real! She has been in Australia for 17 years and is married with two daughters. One of her daughters, Isabella, is a fine young spinner and often attends Guild meetings with Katherine.

Katherine has many interests, her degree from the University of Kansas was in engineering and robotics, she founded and continues to run a company which provides insurance for doctors and surgeons and has been at different times involved in running, permaculture, sewing and other pursuits. Since she took up spinning a year ago Katherine has had little time for any other leisure pursuit. She took the plunge and volunteered to work at the Guild stand at this year’s Easter Show and had a great time, particularly playing with the alpacas.
Katherine hopes to help build the membership of the Guild by working with the committee to introduce new technologies which will make it easier for people in remote areas or from outside NSW to be involved.
Ann is Canadian but has been living in Australia since 1981. In the past she was a painter but during the 1990’s became more involved in fibre arts. A lifetime of knitting with other family members gave her a great background for this pursuit.
Ann took a spinning course in Bondi and enjoyed it but did not continue spinning and it was another 10 years before she took it up again. While living in San Francisco she chanced upon a fleece from a California Mutant X sheep and kept it with her through many house moves until she found herself in Toronto at a knitters collective where she took a course in support spindling and then later learnt to use a drop spindle and has been dedicated to this method ever since. Through many years of travelling for work Ann has perfected the art of processing fibres in hotel rooms. These days she prefers to weave with her hand spun yarn as she finds knitting too heavy in the Australian climate.
As a committee member Ann hopes to modernise the competition schedules of the RAS and other shows and by doing so encourage more people to enter their work. She wants to help the Guild in NSW remain relevant and grow.
Ann mentioned that whenever she gets out her drop spindle in an airport waiting area she has an immediate audience. Diana Macauliffe took this as a great example to encourage people to continue making things when travelling as it’s a good way to let people know our crafts are not dying. It’s also an excellent way to make new friends!