The Wool Road Spinners and Weavers Inc have again organized a bus trip to Melbourne that you are welcome to join.
They have not finalized the destinations as new ones are added as old ones that have closed are dropped. They would welcome information about new places to visit. Feel free to let them know about any interesting fibre related places to be included.

Cost: Approximately $720 including coach for 7 days, 3 evening meals, 2 full breakfasts. All other costs have to be paid by travellers. A lot of our travellers take breakfast with them as there are jugs and toasters in some motels. $50 deposit fee required on application. Remainder due by 1 July.
Send payment to Marge. Cheques payable to Woolroad Spinners and Weavers Inc. Include an emergency contact.
They are looking forward to meeting up again. If you intend to come on this trip get your booking in early as they only take 30 due to accommodation availability and not being able to fit your shopping on the coach.
When: Sunday to Saturday, 10-16 July
Info: Marge Stein, 6 Marlin Pl, Sussex Inlet NSW 2540, Maureen Speer, D2820 Princes Highway, Wandandian NSW 2540