This month we were treated to a wonderful array of photos from the new Love Lace exhibition, which opens at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney on 30 July. The winner of this third International Lace Award will be announced at the launch of Sydney Design 2011.
Curator Lindie Ward presented an interesting collection of exhibits, giving us a run through of the techniques and stories behind many of pieces. There are many beautiful entries from an international field of textile and other media artists. It was fascinating to hear how some of the pieces were constructed and set up in the gallery spaces, including how Harris Street was closed to allow a giant truck to be transported into the exhibition site.
Many of the works challenge the traditional understanding of lace as a textile art, as the museum broadened the definition of lace to include any openwork structure whose pattern of spaces is as important as the solid areas. As such, there were many exhibits using metal, natural fibres and paper to wonderful effect.