At the January mini, Linda Chee taught us how to grow sleeves on our knitting.
You may have heard of afterthought heels/thumbs in knitted socks or mittens. In this technique you work a tube, in the round and later come back to where you want the heel or thumb to grow. You then snip the yarn and pull out a row of stitches as long as the hole that you need for the heel or thumb. You carefully pick up the released stitches on either side of the snipped yarn and knit the required shape – heel or thumb.
Linda’s method is to knit a piece of waste yarn into the web as you are knitting, in exactly in the place where you want the garment to sprout later on. You transfer those stitches back on the left hand needle, knit them and on to finish the row. Later, all you have to do is pick up the stitches on either side of this waste yarn. No cutting required.
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