For their 50th birthday celebrations in May 2013, the South Australian Hand Spinners and Weavers Guild wants to decorate their guild hall with bunting. Not just the usual bunting made with triangular flags, but bunting made from hand shapes cut from fabric. Therefore the more hands the better the bunting.

How to Give Us a Hand: Draw round your hand and cut out the shape.  A 20cm square piece of fabric is plenty for a hand. Any kind of fabric is okay to use – prints, plaids, or plain cotton, synthetic or a mix.  The hand shapes look and hang best if the fingers and thumb are spread slightly but no more than 1- 2cm apart and don’t forget to include about 3cm of wrist. The 3cm of wrist is essential so all of the separate hands can be joined together to make the bunting. Sign your hand and/or write a celebratory message on your hand.
Deadline for receipt of hands – end of March so we can sew up the bunting ready to hang it time for the birthday party at the beginning of May.
Send to:
Hand Spinners and Weavers Guild of SA
PO Box 163
Torrensville Plaza SA 5031
You can fold the hands so they fit into an envelope – they will be ironed. They would love you to be part of the celebrations and thank you in advance: the more hands the merrier.