Aim:       To give the joy of weaving particularly to the disadvantaged or handicapped
The deadline for the Freda Neale grant for 2013 has been extended until the end of June.
Applicants must be financial members of the Guild but the grant need not be distributed to that member/s: it may be applied to another person/group.
The applicant must submit a written proposal for a specific project. Any topic in the fibre field may be proposed but weaving will be favoured. Applications must be received by June 30. The recipient/s will be selected by a reviewer who is not a member of the Guild. Proposals not accepted may be resubmitted in following years.
By the end 2014, the recipient/s is required to arrange to share the results of receiving the grant with the Guild.
For more information and Grant Application Guidelines:
Hand Weavers and Spinners Guild of NSW Inc, PO Box 578, Burwood, NSW 1805, 9745 1603,