We recently had visitor from Portugal, Lurdes Borralho. Lurdes has Esquilo, a small, on-line presence, from Portugal. She started making unique handbags and has more recently worked on a rigid heddle loom.
While in Australia she wanted to learn to weave on a multi-shaft loom. We couldn’t make it happen at Summer School, so I gave her my class notes for dressing a loom and she came to the Guild to hire a multi-shaft loom.

Her first piece was an undulating twill – she taught herself to read the draft and set up the loom.
Her second piece was a pointed twill.
Since then she as been playing with different materials and weaves. Look at her blog.
It is nice to know that HWS Guild NSW has been able to help her down the weaving path, and even nicer to think of all that lovely work being sold on line in the future. Thanks Lurdes for sharing your time with us.
Kelly Dos Santos is an Australian, with Portuguese ancestry. Recently, while travelling in Portugal, she saw some rag rugs. When she came home to Australia she wanted to make some.
Alas, all she had to weave on was a weaving frame, and the result was that the rags stretched in the weaving and came back to normal when removed from the frame. She wrote to the Guild for advice. It was a serendipitous moment, because the day I got her e-mail was the same day we received a used, 2-shaft (once a 4-shaft) loom. This will allow Kelly to lift half the warps out of the way and not stretch the weft fabric. It was available from the yarn shop for $25. Kelly has bought the loom (and gave us a small donation.) Her father is a carpenter, so they may re-do the frames, and might in the future even make it 4-shaft again.
We look forward to seeing what comes from this loom.