The 2015 Spin-In committee plans to introduce something new while keeping to the traditions of the Bothwell Spin-In. Their competitions page will have information soon. Just a hint, it involves sheep and alpacas.
For those who enjoy making something for the Mary Simon perpetual trophy, the form is now on the website. The 2015 Spin-In item will be a throw rug.

Also, the Longest Thread contest takes place before the Spin-in. This is an International contest created to enhance the quality of fine spinning around the world to link spinners throughout the world in friendship and greater understanding.
The contest requires participants to spin a continuous, two ply thread from just ten grams of raw wool. There is also a competition for the longest thread using a hand held spindle. As it takes considerable time to check the weights of each entry and to accurately measure their lengths, the entries need to be in well ahead of the Spin-in so the winners can be announced at the official opening.
Contact:,, Facebook and @bothwellspinin.