The firm of John Sands Ltd (Printers and Stationers) published their directory each year from 1858-59 to 1932-33 (except for 1872, 1874, 1878 and 1881.) The household and business information it contains is a fundamental source for research into Sydney history, especially family history.
Until now, the directory was usually accessed through a microfiche edition made by WF Pascoe Ltd which is available at many public libraries. The City of Sydney obtained a complete digital edition of the directory from WF Pascoe, scanned from the microfiche and has made the complete set of Sands available and searchable online. Access is free.
Under Trades and Professions in the 1858-69 directory were no weavers. There were warehousemen, watchmakors, wellsinkors, wheelwrights, whipmakers, whitesmiths, wine merchants, wire-workers and wool brokers. Nor any spinners.
[According to Wikipedia a whitesmith, also known as a tinsmith, tinner, tinker, or tinplate worker, is a person who makes and repairs things made of light-coloured metal.]