Competition to be conducted at Agricultural Society, Group & State Level. A group of three items are submitted to a local show. The winners at that level are entered in a zone competition at a later show. The winners of the zone competition, are entered to the RAS in Sydney at Easter.

Three different types of wool articles and/or garments conditions: (No Entry Fees)
For the purpose of this competition the following definitions apply:

  1. Garment: an item that can be worn e.g. dress, jacket, scarf, hat
  2. Article: a utility item that is not worn but can be used in the home eg blanket; with an outfit eg bag; for amusement eg toy; as a decoration eg picture etc.

The whole article and/or garment must be constructed of and contain a minimum of 80% wool.
Exhibits (articles/garments) may be knitted, crocheted, sewn, felted etc and must be hand crafted (use of sewing machine is permitted.)
A sample of the yarn, fabric or fibre with label must be attached to each item making up the exhibit. If a label is not available as a handspun/felted, a handwritten label with relevant details and sample will suffice.
An exhibit in this competition may consist of the work of one individual, a group of individuals or an organization.
All three article/garments must have been completed within the 12 months prior to the local show and made by the exhibitor/s.
An exhibit having won at a local show may be exhibited (the same three article/garments) at the Group Final. The winning exhibit at the Group Final is then eligible to compete in the State Final.
An exhibitor is only eligible to represent one Society at Group level and one Group at State level.
An exhibit (article/garment) that has previously competed at Group level is not eligible to compete again.
If this class is not scheduled or attracts no entries at a local show, the Chief Pavilion Steward in consultation with the appropriate Pavilion Section Judges, may select three suitable individual exhibits and, with the exhibitors permission, enter them in the Group judging as an exhibit representing the particular Society concerned.
It is the responsibility of the Group Secretary and winner to co-ordinate the transfer of the winning entry to the ASC Office in Sydney for the State judging.