2015 the year of the Sheep/Goat is an excellent period for all the Chinese zodiac signs.

The element for this year is wood and the lucky colour is green. The sheep is the eighth sign in Chinese astrology and number 8 is considered to be a very lucky number. It symbolises wisdom, fortune and prosperity.

The West Australian Hand Weavers, Spinners and Dyers Guild is sponsoring a scarf exchange. To join the 22nd year of the Scarf Exchange with Year of the sheep/goat as the theme, send 150 grams of fibre and the entry form by March 27, 2015, and you will receive a different package of fibre by the end of April 2015.

To make the article, the fibre may be spun, felted, woven, knitted, dyed, crocheted and/or a combination of crafts.

Closing date for the return of the article to Western Australia will be 28 August 2015. We will return your original fibre in the form of scarf, shawl, beanie, hat and/or bag with the details of the person who made it.

Forward your fibre and completed entry form by 27 March 2015 to:

PO Box 446
Inglewood WA 6932

There will be an exhibition of the completed articles on 11-13 September 2015 at Peppermint Grove Library. You are welcome to come along to view the wonderful creations. Articles will be returned to the original supplier of the fibre after the exhibition.

Be creative, be innovative, and use plenty of flair!

Fibres should be clean and prepared for crafting. Unsuitable fibres will not be distributed but sent back.

Australia has strict quarantine laws. To enter Australia, raw fibres must be scoured and free of vegetable matter and seeds. The authorities have the right to reject any unsuitable fibre, and such fibre is usually destroyed.
Hence it is desirable for each overseas entrant to send his/her 150gram lot individually, as if there is even one seed in the bulk package, the whole lot could be destroyed.

Entry fee

Australia Participants: AU$18
New Zealand Participants: AU$26
USA Participants: AU$31
Other Overseas Participants: Enquire

Entry Forms available from the Guild Office or from spinweavewa.org. Look under Contact information and forms.